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Movement Restoration vs. Fitness Training

The most popular question we get is, “What is the difference between movement restoration and fitness training?”  It’s a great question because the two are very different.

Restoring your movement makes everything else you’re doing better – your sports, your fitness training, and everything else you do on a daily basis – like sitting, standing, walking, running, twisting, turning, reaching, bending, etc.

Movement restoration is gentle, easy, and 100% pain-free.  It improves your breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, and more – making it the perfect complement to any sports or fitness activities you’re currently doing.

To say it differently, think of fitness training as driving a car, and movement restoration as making the car run better.  Just like driving a car isn’t the way to make it run better, fitness training isn’t the way to restore your movement.

Or, said another way, fitness training uses your current movement habits, while movement restoration improves them.

Here are 3 videos that explain exactly how we help you restore your movement in the fastest, easiest way — by using gentle, easy, 100% pain-free Feldenkrais movement lessons:

Other FAQ’s

Where are the classes located?

  • We currently offer classes in South San Diego at the Party Fitness Studio in Mission Valley area, and in North San Diego at Dance Studio North in Encinitas You can also learn everything you need ONLINE in the comfort of your own home or office.  (Plus, we’ll be adding new locations throughout the year.)

If I pay $97 today, do I pay 11 consecutive months from there?

  • No.  If you choose the 12 payment option of $97 per month, your first payment will reserve your spot.  Then, your second payment will be due one month after the date of the first class, followed by 10 more consecutive monthly payments from there.

Is my initial $97 payment setting me up for automatic payments?

  • No.  The $97 you pay today is a single payment.  No additional payments will be made until you make them.


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