One-Legged Balance Test with Eyes Open and Closed

This is one of my favorite ways to track balance because it’s easy to do and it’s based on over 500 men and women age 50 and above.

I recommend that all my coaching clients test their balance at least once a month.

I start everyone with the eyes open test and if they can do at least 15-seconds or one side, then I have them start tracking that side with eyes closed, too.

FOR SAFETY:  When starting out, I highly recommend you do the tests while standing behind a chair or in front of a counter, so you have something to hold onto if needed.


Basically, you’re going to time yourself (or have someone else time you), while standing on one leg.

You’re going to do it 3 times with each leg and take your best score.  Then, you’ll use the chart below to see how you rate.

Or, you can just keep track of your scores monthly so you can see your progress.

Use the timer on your smart phone or a clock with a second hand to keep the time.

To start the test, cross your arms over your chest and lift one foot slightly in the air by bending at the knee of that leg.

Keep your other leg straight and your body upright.  Don’t have your legs touching.

The moment you lose your balance the time stops.  Losing your upright body position, uncrossing your arms, or swinging your leg away from it’s hanging position counts as “losing your balance.”

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